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Details of the JSON specification used by to import property details from other systems into

This page details the specification of an JSON feed to send property information to

Your JSON feed will contain all the property information for one advertiser account. We match the feed URL you give us to an advertiser account once we validate and approve the feed.

Each feed URL can only contain property information for a single woonpleinlimburg account or estate agent. If you are creating feeds for multiple estate agents, each one will need to be available on a unique URL.

We cannot accept a feed URL that requires any manual intervention (such as clicking on a ‘confirm’ button) because our property feed process is completely automatic.

Your property feed must be an absolute feed of all your property information – not an incremental one. Each time we process a feed, we evaluate it against every property for that account in the woonpleinlimburg database. Your feed must contain ALL the properties that you want ADDED or UPDATED. It should not contain any properties that you want to DELETE.

When a property is ADDED to your database, there will be a new property record for it in your feed. It will be INSERTED to our database and we will process and store all associated images

If a property is UPDATED in your database, the "updated" tag in your feed should also change. When we see a change in the "updated" tag, the property will be UPDATED in our database and we will process all associated images. Please note, if the date does not change, we will not update the property, and if the date is invalid or does not conform to this specification, the JSON feed will be updated weekly rather than daily.

If a property is DELETED from your database, there will be no property record for it in your feed. We DELETE properties and any associated images from our database when there is no matching property record in your feed.

In order to correctly insert, update or delete, we must consistently identify each property as a unique entity in your feed. We do this using the "id" tag which must consistently and uniquely identify each one of your properties.

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